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Here are some use cases where parent control and internet filtering software can be used. Suppose, if you want to restrict some particular web pages and websites in your school computer labs and offices, then you can use this simple internet filtering software to block or restrict web pages. Previously we had talked about a Firefox add-on named FoxFilter that helps you to blocking websites in Firefox. This is a parental control, internet filtering software that has many features.

WebAllow is a simple tool to restrict or block websites, webpages in computer. It acts as a parental control, internet filtering software that helps you to restrict certain pages on the internet. This software blocks Internet Explorer in such way that only selected predefined websites can be displayed.

You may predefine list of “approved” websites, load them into this software, activate blocking and you may be sure that Internet Explorer will only be able to display sites from the approved list. Even if a link is leading to another page on another domain is clicked, this software will block it if is not on the “approved” list.

Once you’ve installed the software, you can type address one by one to the approved list of websites or you can even save them one per line in a notepad file and open the notepad file from the software, so that it saves all the list of websites to its approved list.

You can also password protect the list of approved websites from other user who uses the same computer. If some one tries to enter the website name in approved list section, he/she will be prompted with the password to open the software.

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