Alexa toolbar extension for Google chrome


Alexa ranking system is a service that displays the internet most visited websites, including top sites, their traffic stats and also ranks the website based on other factors. So generally these Alexa ranking can be checked out using their webpage or their own toolbar which provides a good amount of information. After quite some time, people started hating these Alexa toolbars on their browsers, so here is a simple Alexa toolbar add-on that sits on the corner of your browser and displays all the needed information about any website you visit.

Bloggers and Web masters consider this Alexa rank of their websites as a benchmark and work towards getting better alexa rank for their websites. On the past, we had also discussed about 5 Easy ways to boost up your Alexa rank. Generally, if you have a good amount of visitors or traffic to your website, then you can get good alexa rank. Check out, How to drive free traffic to your website.

Alexa Traffic Rank extension for Chrome displays the alexa information of any specific website when you visit. With one single click on the extension icon, you can get quick and easy access to a site’s Alexa Traffic Rank and sites linking in. Also it shows the traffic compare to other sites on the Web.

Once you’ve installed the extension, visit any website and click on the extension icon on your address bar of Google chrome. You can view a detailed alexa information such as Alexa traffic rank of the website, Traffic rank in specific country, Reviews on alexa, sites that has linked in, Top search queries that drives traffic to the website, Wayback machine where you can view the website that looks like few years ago and Finally it also displays the loading time of the website and Related links to the website.

Download Alexa Toolbar Extension for Chrome

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