5 Ways to Hack proof your blog [Blog Security Tips]


If you ask me what is the most important thing in blogging, then I would say as protecting the blog. I have had very bad experience in not protecting my blog from the hackers, so I would rank this as the most important factor. It is not a tough task to protect your blog from these hackers as implementing very few steps can make your blog hack proof.

I am sure your blog will get a big shield before it if you follow some of the below listed few ways, Before that

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Update your Blogging Software :

This is the most important step that you must do although this may look silly to few. Take my word, updating to the new version of your blogging software is the most important thing that you must do as the new version always comes with the latest security update.

If you are into blogging field then you must have noted a recent issue in WordPress which was caused by some of the Polish hackers who attacked the Blogs which gives roles as Contributor to its new users. They have hacked all the blogs by breaking the rules set for a Contributor and published spam posts in all the blogs. This was mainly due to the fact that the wordpress was not the latest one of course they have used some more attacking techniques as well. This is the main reason why I updated my blog recently, I really do not want this to happen to my blog.

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If you are hosting a self hosted blog then you need to update it by yourself, it is not a big task but if you are having a free wordpress/blogger blog then they will do it for you.

Have a Strong Password :

This is again basic but this must be good as hackers will try to exploit your blog initially using the well known Trial and Error method. Always make your password strong enough I would advice to have passwords having the combinations of uppercase letters, lowercase, numbers and alpha, if you have special characters then that would be double great.

For example, one of the best way to use password is to mix all the above, It can be like, Da!nK0pf, I know this is hard to remember but it is very hard to break. It is also highly advised to change the password once in a while to be on the safer side, but do remember to follow all the above mentioned things when you do so.

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If you are using WordPress then do use Login-Lockdown plugin which will lock the login page after 3 unsuccessful attempts from a single IP.

Tighten your FTP and Folders :

I would also advice you to keep Strong Passwords for your FTP login as well as hackers can easily steal your files from FTP. Do not give write permission to the folders for all others other than you, as this might help the hackers to crack through it. If you are using WordPress then it is highly advised not to give write options to wp-admin and wp-includes folder as these might have important scripts.

Simple, do not give write access to folders that are important.

Backup your blog :

I would recommend you to take backup of your WordPress blogs as this will be the best way to recover even if your blog gets hacked. You can take backups of your databases and files manually daily or even once in three days or so. If you are running a WordPress then I would recommend Wp-Db backup plugin which automates the process, it sends the database to your e-mail in the regular time intervals mentioned by you.

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Remove Plugins and Theme Versions :

It is highly advised to remove the version number present in the plugins and in the themes you use as the hackers write black codes mentioning the version number. These version numbers removals will not affect the plugins or themes functionality so you can very well remove it.

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Remember to remove only the version numbers present and not even single line of code from the files.

Install Security Plugins :

It would be great if you install some security plugins which can help you in protecting your WordPress plugins. This is not mandatory but still installing few security plugins can make your blog more hackproof. I wouls recommend few like Secure WordPress, Stealth login and WP- Security scan.

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  1. Arun says:

    Ya….. Its very helpful for bloggers… Security is the major issue facing by bloggers…

  2. Matthew says:

    Hi Rahul,

    I read your article carefully. Thank you for the tips.

    In my site, I blog about Medifast discounts and Nutrisystem coupons. Given that this is a competitive niche in the weight loss field, hackers have attempted to hack my blog at least once and this has caused me a lot of problems. So, I cannot overestimate the importance of using the latest version of a CMS platform, whether that is WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

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