Top 8 Free Sports Apps for iPhone


Today we have an iPhone app for every possible thing and when it comes down to sports, the iPhone developers have done a pretty cool job at churning out thousands of sports related app. Tracking scores of football, soccer, baseball, hockey is so much easy now…all available with just a single touch. Playing fantasy sports and games is now more a ‘fantasy’ now.. You can actually play it in your iPhone.

Need to know how LA Lakers ‘drowned’ their opponents? Or how many holes did Tiger missed in the ‘Woods’? There’s an app for that! While its great to have options, there are actually too many sports apps in the appstore now which at times makes it difficult to choose the right ones So here we have compiled a list of some of the best FREE sports apps that you might like to have on your iPhone.

1. Box Score Baseball: A free app for Baseball fanatics where you can select your favorite MLB teams and see their scores only.

2. Basketball Scores: A free basketball app for NBA fans. It lets you see all the recent basketball NBA games easily.

3. Pro Football: A free iPhone application where you can get NFL news, real-time scores, standings and much more.

4. FindMe18: A free iPhone app for all golf enthusiasts. The app with the help of GPS will locate nearest courses out of 18,000 golf courses. It will also provide you with the golf course information and offer one touch dialing to call them to reserve a tee time and more.

5. iYardage: This free golf app is an interactive golf scorecard that offers golfers to manage and track their scores. It also provides game statistics such as Putts, GIR, Fairways Hit, Up & Downs, etc.

6. Hockey Scores: A simple tap will get you all the latest NHL scores (only in North America) on your iPhone.

7. Soccer – InGameNow: A great app for all soccer lovers. You can follow soccer leagues around the world, get live scores, updates, news and interact with all fans of the world.

8. SportsTap: The ultimate Sports news iPhone portal. Get free updates on sports leagues such as NFL, MLB, NHL and football leagues from around the world.

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  1. Mike says:

    You should have a look at Fantasy Sports Coach. Been using this for the past year for my Baseball and Football teams. Great app to get information on sit/start or trade advice. Just a suggestion.

  2. Gregg Grose says:

    Very nice post!

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