Top 5 Money Saving Apps


There are a variety of ways to save money such as cutting back on luxuries, limiting the amount you drive, transferring credit card balances and using your smartphone as a money saving device! The last option may seem a little strange but there are a host of apps and web apps that can help you save money on a daily basis. But if you’re not sure of the difference between apps and web apps, here’s a quick overview:

Top 5 Money Saving Apps

Apps are those that you download onto your iphone or android via an app store. These often have to be paid for but, once downloaded, they are stored in your phone and can be used anytime, even when there is no mobile network coverage.

Web apps, on the other hand, are apps that cannot be downloaded and to use them you have to visit their designated web page. These look and work just like regular apps but they cannot be downloaded and each time you use it you are actually visiting a designated web page. The downside to this is that web apps cannot be used when there is no mobile network access, the upside is that they are usually free!

Google Shopper – Free

Google Shopper is one of the best shopping apps around as it allows you to use your phone as a barcode scanner, price comparison tool and bargain hunter. Whilst there are a variety of apps that offer this multi-functionality, the beauty of the Google Shopper is that it can identify a product by barcode, EAN number, photograph or even by you just speaking the name of the product into your phone!

So when you see an item that you want, a book for instance, you can either scan the barcode, take a picture of the cover or simply speak the title of the book into the phone, and the app will search the web to see if it you can pick it up cheaper anywhere else!

This really is a great money saving app and it even has a feature that enables you to instantly read reviews on the product you are thinking of buying. so you don’t have to judge the book by it’s cover!

iXpenselt – $4.99

iXpenselt is an app that enables you to record your expenses as you incur them, making it easy to keep a handle on your daily spending. You can customize reports so you can see, at a glance, where your money is being spent and you can even use your smartphone’s camera to store receipts.

And if you’re unsure as to how useful this budgeting app will be, you can still save money by download the free, but admittedly inferior, iXpenselt lite.

CookIt- $0.99

This is the perfect app for those days when you can’t find anything in to eat and an expensive takeaway appears to be the only option. CookIt is an online cookbook app that allows you to input the ingredients you have in your cupboard and then finds a recipe for the food you have to hand.

This means that you can save money by eating at home without having to order a takeaway or change your shopping day to top up your supplies. It also means that you can use up everything you have in your cupboards, even that canned pumpkin leftover from Halloween!

Fuel Finder – $2.99

Formerly called ‘Gas Buddy’, this iTunes app helps drivers save money by identifying the cheapest filling stations in your area. With gas prices constantly on the rise and prices varying by as much as around 20 per cent this app is a really useful and practical money saving app.

The GPS signal pinpoints your location and then maps out the distance, directions and time estimates to each filling station as well as pricing information. A must for all gas guzzlers!

Skype – Free

Skype is already a popular desktop application that offers free worldwide user-to-user voice and video calls via the internet. And the good news is that it is now available as an iPhone app and so users can now enjoy free calls on their cell phones. This is the perfect app for people with friends and relatives around the world as it will save a huge amount of money in international call charges. In addition, calls to other cell phones and landlines are a lot cheaper than calls made through cell phone operators.

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