Synchronize Outlook Contacts and Gmail Contacts with Contacts Sync


Have you ever wanted to copy all your Outlook contacts to Gmail account or Copy all your Gmail contacts to Outlook contacts and Synchronize Outlook and Gmail contacts ? Then all you need is Contacts Syn, a nifty freeware tool that allows you to sync your Outlook contacts with Gmail contacts.

Contacts Sync is a simple freeware tool that allows you to sync your Outlook contacts with your Gmail contacts. It can work with any Gmail account as well as Google apps account. It works sync both from Outlook to Gmail or Gmail to Outlook contacts. Just runs in System tray.

Features of Contacts Sync :

Option to choose a Outlook Contacts folder to sync.

Retrieves all contacts from Gmail, including “Other Contacts” / “All Contacts” folders

Whenever you send an email from Gmail, all email addresses are stored (with or without Names) in “Other Contacts” / “All Contacts”. Contacts Sync retrieves such email addresses from Gmail contacts even with blank names.

Sync Outlook Contacts with Gmail Use your Outlook contacts from anywhere in the world with your Gmail account.

Transfer Gmail contacts to Outlook and use Gmail Contacts Offline.

It is always better to backup your contacts before trying out any software.

Download Contacts Sync

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  1. VioletBlue says:

    Cool free tool. I also recomm this video tutorial about a quick email account configuration

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