Split Test WordPress Post Titles with Headline Split Tester Plugin


Some times you may find it difficult to write a headline to your blog post, or sometimes you may have two headlines for single post and confusing to select from the two headline titles ? Then here is a plugin named ‘ Headline Split Tester ‘ which gives you the option to have two headlines for a single blog post. The headlines are then split-tested to determine what drives higher interaction rates.

Headline Spilt Tester WordPress plugin allows you to have two competing headlines for blog posts. They are randomly shown until one headline wins. The winning headline is selected using the visitors and readers higher click rate.

This plug-in allows you to enter an alternate headline for every post on your blog. The headlines are then randomly alternated on your website until a certain number of “headline views” has been reached. At that point, a “winning” headline (as determined by the number of people that have clicked on each headline to date) is determined and that headline is displayed.

So, it is one of the best plugins that every blogger must use. It’s like A/B testing WordPress headlines and finally leaving the best for the readers. Just try out on your blog and see the changes that makes to it.

Download Headline Split Tester Plugin

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  1. Headliner splitter?
    Do u know think theres any usage of this plugin.

    Headline should remain the same

    If you will go on changing the headlines, I think Google will not like you


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