Hide Sidebar Widgets from Homepage, Show WordPress Widgets only on certain pages with Widget Context


Sometimes you don’t want to display certain WordPress widgets on your blog home page/ specific pages. Say for example, if you want to completely customize your Homepage, then you may need to hide/display some widgets. If you’re a PHP rockstar, then you can play with the codes, but for a novice user, the power of WordPress plugins comes to rescue.

Widget Context plugin for WordPress allows you to show/hide widgets only on certain posts, front page, category or tag pages etc. You can play with the widget visibility settings. Widgets can be shown on specific pages, can be hidden completely on specific pages. If you want to show particular widget only on single specific URL address, then you can list the target URL in the text box, so that the widget will be displayed only on that page.

Once you’ve installed the Widget Context plugin for WordPress, go to Appearance > Widgets > When you click on each widget, it expands with the option to play with visibility settings using Widget context plugin. You can control, customize completely. This plugin will be useful if you have multiple widgets on your WordPress blog.

For example, if you’re having multiple categories of posts, then you can have widgets according to the category of posts. You can select the widget to be shown in Front page, blog index, Single post, Single page, Search, Archives, Category, Tags, Author archive, 404 Error pages etc.

Download Widget Context WordPress Plugin

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