Send Voice Tweet in Twitter with Hark


Already we had seen how to share videos on twitter, music on twitter and files documents on twitter. Now let’s check out how to voice tweet on twitter. You can shout out in twitter with your own voice. Just voice tweet instead of typing. All you need is just a microphone enabled system. Speak out, record them and tweet it. This can be made simple using the app ‘Hark’

Hark is a simple web service that allows you to upload sound clips, record your own clips and share them on twitter. In just less than a minute, you could upload your favorite clip or record yourself directly from your computer! All you need is microphone and twitter account.

Just record your tweet in voice, go to, sign up for a free account so that it acts as a storage device for all your recordings and voice tweets. Now login into your hark account, upload your voice clip, then share it on twitter.

Apart from twitter sharing, it also provides a way to embed it on your website, send as ringtone, download it or share on social networking sites.

Hark – Voice tweet

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  1. Now that’s what I’m talking about, no more typing.

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