Safely Remove USB drive from PC with USB Disk Ejector


Sometimes, when you plugin your USB stick and remove them back, it won’t respond properly to the command which you give in your system. You may get errors while ejecting a usb drive such as write protected – cannot remove usb drive etc. So here is a nifty tool that allows you to safely remove the usb drives from the system.

USB disk ejector is a simple tool that allows you to remove your usb drive safely from your computer without much effort and you can avoid some unwanted errors which you trouble you the next time when you insert your USB drive. USB disk ejector supports all the usb device which you’ve plugged in.

The program automatically recognizes all connected devices, and a simple double-click to disable the one you want to disconnect.

Download USB Disk Ejector

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  1. thanks for sharing, but we can also eject by using simple way right click and eject safely. no need to install this??

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