Report Spam websites to Google with Google Webspam Report


As you all know, Google is the best search engine ever the web has got. So keeping it clean and spam less is on our hands. How the Google Search engine works ? It’s completely automated with toughest algorithm yielding the best search results for the given query. But sometimes, you cannot avoid that certain spam pages appear first on the search results for the given query. Such websites can be reported as spam and send the spam report to Google so that they could remove it.

How do they appear as spam ? When you search a query on Google, it will display the search results based on the search query and equals them with the search results title, h1, h2, h3 tags and content inside the search results page. So based on all the factors, it displays the relevant search results. Sometimes, webmasters include fake keywords, repeated misleading words, hiddent text or links, duplicate pages, title and tags so that it could appear on the search results on top but doesn’t have any relevant content inside the page. So these pages and websites can be reported as Spam in Google.

Google Webspam Report extension for Chrome allows you to report a website or web page as Spam content in one single click. Once you’ve reported the page as spam, Google verifies it and takes action immediately. They will remove the spam pages from their search index and therefore they don’t show up on the search results anymore.

Google Webspam Report extension Features :

  • Adds links to search result and web history pages to report spam quickly.
  • Prepopulates the spam report form where possible.
  • Select a spam url from your Chrome history.
  • Cycle through your recent Google searches to fill fields of the spam report page.
  • Options page to enable/disable features individually.

Download Google Webspam Report for Chrome

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