Report Errors in Google Maps, Report When a location in Google Map is Incorrect


We cannot say Google maps can be correct in all situations and places, sometimes they are wrong and you can find errors in them. When finding out errors, how do you report them to the concern authority ? Where to go and report it ? Recently, When I checked the public transportation options in Google maps, found some errors in routes, so was wondering where to report the error and this is what I found.

When ever you find some incorrect information on Google maps regarding wrong routes, directions, address, you can report the problem using the link which is giving below where it says ‘ Report a problem ‘ in the lower right corner of the map. and Many times, we find it difficult to report certain specific probelms. So thought why not share the help page with more information.

The help page of Google maps not only helps in reporting a problem but also has further information for editing a Google map, correct the wrong information, report closed businesses and make other changes to the listings.

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