Remote Control for Grooveshark from Mobile phone with Groovebud


Already we had told you about the Grooveshark mp3 downloader where you can download all the Grooveshark mp3 songs for free. If you don’t know about Grooveshark, let me tell you. Grooveshark is free online music site and internet radio where one can listen any type of music from any albums. So, here is an excellent addon that allows you to remote control your Grooveshark playlist from your mobile phone or any other computer remotely.

Groovebud extension for Chrome allows you to control Grooveshark remotely using another computer or even through a mobile phone. It works simple like this. Once you enter Grooveshark and select the songs, the Groovebud extension icon will be appeared in your Chrome address bar, click that and you will get the QR code image and URL.

If you’re using smart phone which can detect the QR code or if it has a barcode scanner, then you can capture the barcode image and get the full control of it. If not, get the URL from the extension and point out the URL from your mobile phone to get the controls such as Play, Pause, next song and previous song of your Grooveshark player.

Check out the demo video below :

Download Groovebud for Chrome

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