Remote Access your Computer through Twitter with TwitControl


We know that, one can easily access their computer remotely from another location or another computer using the Windows remote assistance feature or any kind of Remote assistance software such as Team viewer, Logmein which are remote access and desktop control software. So today we have another tiny free tool that allows you to access your computer remotely from twitter.

Twitcontrol is a remote access software that lets you to control your computer with twitter. TwitControl is used to control certain aspects of your computer through a twitter account. This program is very reliable and can be used to do just about anything, including: starting a virus scan, shutting down, logging off, restarting, and much much more!

Twitcontrol needs .net framework 4.0 to perfectly work with. So first install .net framework version 4.0 and then download and install twitcontrol. Once you’ve installed twitcontrol, enter your username and authenticate on twitter. Then, you can start giving commands using tweets and there by you get the full control over the system.

Simply update your Twitter status with that command, and watch the magic happen. You can check out for the Full guide on Twitcontrol here

Download TwitControl

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