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Already we had been talking about the QR codes or bar codes which can be scanned by mobile devices and bar code scanners. These days, the QR codes are widely used in videos, links, text, photos in your campaigns and it provides a unique way to promote and interact with your customers. Also these QR codes can be put on your business card, company stationary, promo stickets and product packaging, catlogs, direct mail, print and magazine ads etc. These interactive QR codes lets the customers scan it and go to a mobile-friendly landing page that promotes the campaign.

Youscan.me is a QR code generator for all your social networking profiles. You can place a QR code for your Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Foursquare etc. It’s like scan to check-in, scan to follow, scan to like, scan to watch videos, etc. Using these QR codes in business is a great way to promote your social media profiles and placing them in your products and when they travel with the consumer, it reaches a larger audience in offline world.

How the QR code can be scanned ? Many Android, Nokia, and Blackberry phones come with QR code readers pre-installed. QR reader software is available for most mobile platforms including the iOS and Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile and webOS. So with this software piece installed, they can scan anywhere and anytime.

Also YouScan.me provides an analytics dashboard for all the QR codes which are scanned and promoted, You can track and follow all your code activities like scan count and countries from where the code has been scanned. The build in code analytics will provide you with important insights which will help your measure your success.

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  1. great idea!

  2. Tried out the site. It worked well. Excited to see how much I use it in the future. I also found iPhone qrcode reader app Scan : http://itunes.apple.com/app/scan/id411206394?mt=8

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