Play YouTube Videos in HD format by Default


As you all know, YouTube supports High Definition videos. Normally when you play a video, it doesn’t automatically play in High definition quality. If you want to play all the videos in high definition quality or what ever may be the available quality, then you can use this extension named ‘ Auto HD for YouTube ‘

Auto HD for YouTube extension for Chrome allows you to play all the YouTube videos in High definition quality, or with any available quality you like. Once you’ve installed the extension, it takes you to the options page where you can set the quality level to 720p, 1080p or your preferred quality.

Also it gives you the option to widening of the player when set in high definition. You can set for always widen or always shrink option and then hit the save button.

Now when ever you play a YouTube video, it automatically plays it in HD format.

Download Auto HD YouTube video extension

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