Password Protect your Private pictures in Android Phone with PhotoVault


Previously we talked about password lock private pictures in iPhone, if you’re an Android user, then you must check out app named ‘Photo Vault’ that lets you to password protect photos in your android phone. The basic use of these kind of apps is, if you’re friend or any one who grabs your phone can be viewing your private photos which you don’t want actually. So, using an simple app, you can hide all the private photos with password protect.

PhotoVault is a simple android based application that allows you to password protect photos where other people won’t even know these pictures exist. PhotoVault also comes with a “Public” Mode, which, if set, will disguise PhotoVault like a normal Gallery app.

Once you’ve installed the app, if you want to make a photo to get hidden, just go to the photo gallery, and if you double click the photo, it opens, if you hold that specific photo for a while, it gets hidden. If you want to unhide the picture back, then go to photovault app, go to private tab and unhide it.

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