OpenOffice for Kids, Free WordProcessor, Spreadsheet, Presentation, with OOo4Kids


On the past specially for kids, we had discussed alot of tools such as Online gaming for Kids, Desktop games for kids, Coloring apps for kids, Computer programming for kids, search engine for kids, Operating system for kids and many more. You can check out the separate page for kids with all the useful tools and apps for them. Now adding to it, we have Office suite for kids based on the open office program.

OOo4Kids is a office suite for kids who are under 7-12 age which is designed with the contribution of educational people such as trainers, teachers etc. The OOo4kids has 4 modules such as Word processor for writing, Spreadsheet for calculations, Presentation and Drawing tool.

Also this OOo4kids is available in 13 different languages and its a cross platform software which supports Windows, Linux and MacOSX. It also includes a portable version for Windows OS. It is completely free and built based on the source code of

As the software mainly deals with kids and childrens, it is easy to install and has a highly visually stunning user interface with new icons, bright colors, big cursor, different types of fonts, etc. You can set levels in the OOo4kids such as beginner, intermediate and expert and according to the levels, the software shows the tools and options to customize and work with.

Download OOo4Kids

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  1. greg urbano says:

    great info i can share with my neice and nephew

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