May the Force Be With Your Blog, through Comments


Positive feedback, or really any feedback, is to maintaining a blog or Web site what the force it to a Jedi: completely necessary, but to increase feedback you have to increase the traffic. There are many ways you can increase both the traffic and encourage feedback, that doesn’t involve anything painful. A successful online presence and reputation are a few qualities reminiscent of a successful site personality, which could be you.

Turn your blog or Web site from fail to geek awesome with this bevy of helpful tips:

Contact, contact, contact. Social media has taken the place of face-to-face time, and you can use this to your advantage by creating a social page where newfound friends can “like” you, comment, and be redirected to your site. This tool also allows you to mix and mingle with other site owners and bloggers, which could be useful for future collaborations. Visit their sites as well. Leaving comments on their pages allows you to drop virtual breadcrumbs back to your site, which will increase traffic exponentially if you do this across various pages.

Watch your rep. With all the avenues for commenting you should always be aware of what is being said about your site. Comments leave a trail so occasionally use a search engine to look up your site and see what comes up elsewhere. By looking for this feedback you will know what site visitors are unhappy or happy with in your presentation. If it was a mistake you made, there is no point in crying over spilled milk – fix it. Sometimes keeping track of feedback over the Internet can be overwhelming. In that case you need to call in for help. There are many tools and offerings from places like Reputation Managers that will help your site by not only balancing negative feedback online with positive web content on other sites, but they will also make sure your link is present throughout the web to increase your search engine optimization.

Get it right the first time. Now that you have all those lovely new friends, fans, and foes, you need to make sure your site is as close to perfection as possible. Check for grammar and spelling errors. Don’t get a bad comment on an otherwise great site because you decided not to double check your work. Make sure the site is updated regularly, and encourage comments and traffic by varying the topics – keep the ideas fresh.

Getting noticed in cyber space among the shuffle can be difficult, but with these tips at least you have a good start. Organizational skills and attention to detail coupled with a few marketing ploys are really all you need to boost your reputation throughout the Internet.

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