Local Cricket Match Scorecard app with Galli Stats


You might have played alot of cricket matches with your friends in your locality. Most of the times, you count the scores, wickets, overs, number of balls orally in your mind. Now there is a mobile app and also a web app for managing scores of local cricket match tournament.

Galli Stats app from JigiJigi is a local scorer for a local cricket match. Galli Stats is a free web based mobile application to manage scores of a local cricket match or cricket Tournament. Supports limited no. of overs, unlimited no. of players, emails the match statistics and professionally formatted scorecard.

All you need to do is, just point out your browser to http://www.jigijigi.in/play and start using the app. If you’ve a computer, then you can use it as web app, else you can simple point out your mobile browser to the link and start using it.

The Galli Stats app starts with getting the email IDS of the scorer or team members whom ever you wish, simply add those email ids so that the scorecard will be mailed to these IDs. Once you’ve done with that, you can add players.

Once you’ve added the players, separate them for teams. Say for example, the first player for team 1 and second one for team 2 and so on. Finally choose the overs, put the toss and start scoring down.

You can Download/use the Galli Stats app

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