Loan a Kindle Book Now! Amazon Launches Lending Kindle Books


Amazon has introduced a new feature of Lending kindle books. You can now loan a kindle book. If you’ve purchased a kindle book, then you can lend them to others for upto 14 days. Those you take kindle books on loan are not required to have a Kindle device. They can read the kindle book in any other device, only if they have installed the kindle reading apps on the device.

The only drawback here is, if you lend a kindle book to some one, then you cannot read that book untill they have returned to you. It is same as how you lend a physical book. Not all books are lendable, it is up to the publisher or rights holder to determine which titles are eligible for lending.

You can easily find the lendable kindle books using the options which they have provided in the product details page. You can find it by scrolling down to the “Product Details” section and look for “Lending: Enabled” option.

If you’ve loaned a kindle book, you will receive an email notification along with the download option to download the kindle book. You can download it and read it on any kindle reading apps. The loan time limit is 14 days.

Find out How to Loan a Kindle Book

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  1. Catherine says:

    Check out the Kindle Lending Club page on Facebook – for people to request and offer Kindle book loans, discover great new books for free, and share their collection with other book lovers:

  2. Peter J says:

    What a great new feature, i will see if i can get some books lent to me from my cousin who has a kindle. Thanks for the share :)

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