List of All Google Related Twitter accounts and Facebook pages


Already we had told you the Best 50 blogs to follow on twitter to get instant updates around latest tech trends and useful computer guides, Social media information, Search engine optimization tips and many more. Now, If you’re a big fan of Google and its related products such as Android, Adsense, YouTube, Google Ventures, Blogger, Chat, Search, Docs, Google Earth, Maps, Mobile apps, Google Voice, Google TV and many more.

I personally consider twitter is the best way to get instant updates. Using the twitter lists, you can categorize the information and follow them easily. If you find the twitter account related to a niche, then add them into that particular twitter list and get updated with the information. So, similar like twitter, Facebook is also the best way to get updated.

When you consider the tech news which are consumed by People, the most of the news are related either with Google or Apple. So these are the two major brands who rule the web with tech news. So thought why don’t we list out all the twitter accounts and Facebook pages related to Google.

But when I searched for a while, I found Google themselves has a page which lists out all the Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, YouTube Channels, Buzz accounts and they have created directories for each one. So, just browse through their directories such as Twitter directory, Facebook directory, YouTube Channels directory to find out all their Official accounts to get updated with information.

What’s so useful is that, you can categorize the Google products such as Company wise, Products wise, Developers, Advertisers, Online publishers and also you can separate region, country and language wise.

Google Twitter Directory | Facebook directory | Google YouTube Channels

If you want to follow their blogs or subscribe to their blogs, you have a separate blog directory where they have listed all their blog URL’s and RSS subscription link for easy subscribing. Check out the Google Blog directory.

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