Justin Bieber URL Shortening Service with Bieber.ly


Are you a Justin bieber fan ? Then go ahead and read. Few fans of beiber has created a special link URL shortening service named ‘Bieber.ly’ which shortens the lengthy URL into short url’s which other similar services does the job. A large portion of bieber fans occupy the Internet and mainly the twitter. Few months back, we had seen bieber fans flooding with tweets on twitter. So to separate them with unique link sharing, bieber fans have come up with this.

Bieber.ly is a unique URL Shortening service which is developed by bieber fans. It does the same job as other similar URL shortening services in the web. All you need to do is, just hit the bieber.ly and enter any URL in the box.

Once you’ve hit the enter button after entering the URL, you’re provided with the shortened url with bieber.ly. When ever you visit the shortened url of bieber.ly, a big justin bieber picture comes over the website you visit. For example, check out the shortened URL of madrasgeek.com

–> http://bieber.ly/ab42

You can see the website with a big poster of Justin bieber over the website layout. Check out the above picture. So apart from this, the bieber.ly also offers bookmarklet which will come handy to shorten urls from the browser’s bookmark’s bar. All you need to do is, just drag the bookmarklet to your bookmark bar to Bieber any URL.

Bieber.ly – URL Shortening service for Justin Bieber fans

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