Invoicera Online Invoice Billing Application [Giveaway worth 300$]


When it comes to choose appropriate billing software, many questions stand in front of your way. To search a solution for all these queries you need to be more resourceful, but here is something which will definitely help you out to make a better way for you. There has always been a need for billing software which can resolve your all billing needs and provide you with the perfect solution. Invoicera is something which you must try as it is made for every online business and gives them the proper value along with enriched services so that they can bill their clients in a straightforward way.

Invoicera is a simple online billing application that provide its users with every possible solution which they might need to make their billing as efficient as possible. There are number of features and special stuff on invoicera when compared to other online billing apps around the web. Check out the list of features mentioned below :

  • Allows you to modify your invoice template according to clients.
  • You can schedule your invoices for a particular date and for particular client.
  • You can allocate your tasks to your different staffs and can also keep a regular check on the performances.
  • You can generate invoices in as many as 11 languages for your individual clients worldwide.
  • You can Send Invoices to Multiple Contacts
  • Supports 18 Major payment gateways such as Paypal, 2Checkout, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, eWay and more.
  • Expense tracking and Time tracking method included.
  • Report Generation – View detailed reports for invoices, clients, payments
  • You can charge late fees from clients who default the payments
  • Data back-up supported
  • You can set your own exchange rate for each of your client

Take a complete tour of Invoicera here

Actually the Invoicera has different pricing and plans. If you want unlimited invoices, client profiles, Auto bill, International payment gateways, then Invoicera has 3 pricing plans such as Classic, Preferred and Exclusive.

Specially for the Madras Geek readers and visitors, We have partnered with Invoicera to giveaway 5 Licenses of Preferred plan for 3 months. The preferred plan costs 20$ Per month, So We are giving away Free accounts for 3 months to Five selected readers. So totally it comes around 300$ worth Giveaway.

To participate in this Giveaway contest, it is so simple, all you need to do is,

1. Like Our Facebook Fan Page Below

2. Leave a comment with your Original* Email ID (So that it could be easy for me to pick the winners and E-mail them)

Simple isn’t it ? What you’re waiting for ? Just get into the giveaway contest and Win Invoicera Billing app accounts.

WINNERS : Vincent Raja, Jason Hixon, sureshpeters, Siraj and Vernessa Taylor

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  1. Wow… $300 Worth Give away.. awesome Srivanthsa…. Really u r doin great… Sema… I love to Get one from this… :)

  2. Wow! Sounds amazing! I’d really love a chance to give this a shot! Here’s hoping!

  3. srivatsan says:

    Hi srivatsan !! awesome.. keep it going .. i would like to have it !! :) :)

  4. wow cool app..its a multi platform support it seems…i want it :)

  5. Time Billing – Time is one of the most valuable assets and its tracking is difficult, especially in a multi-user business. BillingOrchard helps you track this time more accurately.

  6. Siraj says:

    Wow Me needs :D

  7. Rasheed says:

    Great toll . looking forward to get one :)

  8. Vernessa Taylor says:

    Greetings! I left a comment over on your FaceBook page. Thanks for the writeup on Invoicera. I’m considering it (that’s how I came across your blog post about it) along with a few others. Winning one of your giveaway prizes would be a nice nudge in that direction! Hope I’m not too late. :)

    You’ve got a lot of great write-ups here at Madras Geek. Have you had the opportunity to tap into some of the other blogging communities to share your stuff with them?

  9. Vernessa Taylor says:

    WOW! What a lovely surprise on Monday morning (here in USA)! I am honored to be a winner in the Madras Geek’s giveaway contest. Thank you for selecting me. :D And thanks to Invoicera for providing such a valuable gift as Preferred Subscriptions.

    Congratulations to other winners (Vincent Raja, Jason Hixon, sureshpeters, Siraj) also.

    I’m finding Invoicera to be robust, detailed, and it has a very pleasing user interace. I know it will make my invoicing a much easier experience. Again, thanks Madras Geek!

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