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One of the best bit torrent client, uTorrent has updated to the latest version where it supports apps for music, movies, games, social media, security, entertainment videos etc. Normally uTorrent is a torrent client that allows us to download files from the torrents. Now the uTorrent client has got a new update (version 2.2) with the support to installation of apps. The uTorrent has a separate apps page named ‘Apps Studio’ which features some excellent apps for uTorrent.

uTorrent now has an uTorrent Apps Studio, a kind of App Store Market or specially for uTorrent client. Currently the uTorrent app market features 17 apps from different categories. You have TED video download app, Torrent tweet app for tweeting, uMap for locating maps & places, Bitdefender virus gaurd app to prevent from malware attacks, Tetronimoes games app and many more.

If you haven’t updated your uTorrent version, you can download the new version 2.2 from here. Once you’ve downloaded the new version of uTorrent, go to Apps Studio page and install you’re favorite uTorrent apps. Some of the apps which i tried was..

uTorrent TED Talks Download app :

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a place where people talk, discuss about the science, technology, business, design, entertainment, and global issues. Ted talks are described as courageous, jaw-dropping, beautiful, ingenious and inspiring from the world’s most remarkable people. So, having an TED app lets you to download directly in uTorrent with one single click.

Skins for uTorrent :

The skins app for uTorrent has lot of skins to put in your uTorrent client, It has some popular skins such as mario brothers, gold on silver, freshness, premium skins, classic old skins etc.

Games for uTorrent app :

Raptr Free Games app on uTorrent allows you to download all the action, racing, thriller games in one click. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill Flash games, these are full Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games with deep gameplay and content.

uMaps app :

Map-based visualizations of where all the peers are that you are connected with around the world. Organize by client type, country of origin or swarm.

Also there are other popular and important apps such as Bitdefender security gaurd app, Twitter client app, Zulumusic app for music fans and VODO app for movie fans etc.

uTorrent Apps Studio

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  1. Arun says:

    Its good idea… will help me to get more from utorrent… thanks for ur info..

    • sid says:

      hi.. I have a problem now..hope u can sole it. I using utorrent. from last month I noticed i cannot download any torrent , i tried bittorrent and other ..all are giving DHC login proble, waiting to login, o nodes etc.. could you plz help me to get back to download torrentz plz.. appreciated in advance.. my mail is plz do send me the mail alzo .. thnx and regardz .

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