Instagram like app for Android with Camera360 app


Instagram is an popular photo sharing app for iPhone. One of the best iPhone apps one must have for sharing the photos with different filters and effects and also you can share the photos on twitter, tumblr, flickr, posterous and ofcourse facebook too! Now the Instagram team has been developing similar kind of app for Android platform, mean while I stumbled across an app named ‘Camera360’ which does similar thing of Instagram such as photo effects and filter options.

Camera360 is an android application that works similar to Instagram when considering about Photo effect filters used in Instagram. The app has crossed over 1 million downloads and has some cool photo filtering effects. Around 30 different shooting effect and 6 different shooting modes. Each mode contains different effects.

From the Camera360 ” The app is mainly composed of 6 shooting modes: Effect Mode, Scenery Mode, Funny Mode, Tilt-shift Mode, Color-shift Mode and Normal Mode. You can select different effects within a mode, and can also set the related parameters the achieve the effect which you need. In addition, you can share your photos with your friends by network.”

You can know more about Camera360 android app

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  1. Swamykant says:

    This is a very interesting App for android mobiles. Thanks for sharing the information.

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