How to Loan a Kindle Book ?


Previously we told you that, Amazon has introduced the new feature of Loan a Kindle Book or You can lend your kindle book for certain days time. Now here is the method of how to loan a kindle book. You don’t need a kindle device to loan and read the kindle book, you can read the kindle book by having the kindle reading app installed on any of the device such as pc, iphone, ipad, android or blackberry etc.

First go to Manage your Kindle page where you has the list of all your Kindle content purchases under the Your Orders section.

Click the “+” symbol next to a title to reveal all information and options. If lending is enabled, you’ll see a Loan this book button next to the product image.

Loan a kindle book

Click the Loan this book button.

You’ll be directed to a form where you’ll provide the borrower’s name, e-mail address and an optional message.

Lending Kindle books

If you’re from a product details page of any book you’re owning, you will see an option named ‘ Loan this book to anyone you choose ‘ click that and lend the book.

You can send the lending option to anyone who doesn’t even own a kindle yet or any kindle reading apps installed. But for reading the kindle book, they don’t need to have kindle, they can read it through any of the kindle reading apps for devices.

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    Check out the Kindle Lending Club page on Facebook – lots of people lending and borrowing Kindle books there. Discover great new books for free, and share your collection with other book lovers:

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