How to Improve Your Internet Broadband Connection Quality


Choosing a great ISP is one thing, utilizing best practices to get the best from your internet connection is another thing. A lot of people make a great mistake as far as using their internet connection is concerned; they neglect highly important things they are to do and this ends up impacting the results they get. There are some tips that can help you improve the quality of your internet connection and this post will be giving you some of them.

Remove the Garbages

We all know garbage is a waste product. You might be asking how come we have garbages on our computers. I’m not talking about physical garbages but the computer garbages. Many people complain of having a very slow internet connection but when you try to help them fix their computer you will notice they have tons of software trying to connect to the internet while loading their browsers with countless add-ons they will never need.

Make sure there is no unnecessary software or add-on on your computer and if there is software that is necessary but uses too much bandwidth you might want to prevent it from using your internet connection – this can be done either via the settings or by using a firewall.

Size of the Internet [Infographic]

Try Speed Optimizers/Boosters

Another way to improve the quality of your internet connection is by making use of speed optimizers. There are a lot of speed optimizers/boosters that will help you improve the quality of your internet connection, all you need to do is install the software and configure it to work with your internet connection. Speed optimizers will even be far better and effective if you’re using a slower internet connection like a dial-up internet.

Bandwidth Monitor Software

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Be Close to the Router

If you’re someone who uses a wireless connection, especially with the router in your home, you should know that the quality of your connection will be determined by how close you are to your wireless router and that each walls and obstacles in your home will affect the signal you get. If you use a wireless router in your home try to be using your computer closer to where your router is or make sure your router is very close to where you use your computer the most. Little changes like this will end up having a great impact on the quality of your network.

If you’ve problem with your Internet service provider, You can try OPEN DNS

Upgrade Every Necessary Software or Hardware

Is it your ISP software, is it your wireless router, is it your computer ram or is it your computer system? It doesn’t matter which one of them it is make sure they are up to date.

Upgrade all your drivers and also Install missing drivers in your system.

The hardwares and softwares we use also have a huge impact on the results our internet connection produce and if you’re using a mediocre computer I can assure you of having the worst time with your internet connection. Take a closer look at your hardwares and softwares, observe them properly to discover which one needs to be upgraded and make sure you upgrade them.

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