Read Google reader feeds offline with Feedstore addon


Google reader is the one of the best web based RSS feed reader to catch up with the updates of your favorite blogs and websites. Actually, you just need to subscribe to the website RSS feeds, then you can find out all the updates of your favorite list of blogs in your Google reader. Now here the thing is, as Google reader is a web based one, it requires internet connection, what if you’re bored without internet connection and want to read your favorite blogs ? Yes, Take Google reader in a offline mode.

MagicCube Feedstore addon for Google chrome allows you to read Google reader in a offline mode. Once you’ve installed the extension, when ever it finds a new post in your Google reader, it automatically stores them locally for offline use. So that when ever, where ever you need, you can open it and read it.

Feed Store is a very useful tool for those Google Reader fans who love to enjoy reading their feeds at anytime, anywhere, even when they’re offline. Staying silently right on your browser as a small toolbar icon, Feed Store check if there are new unread feeds and download them to local storage automatically. The icon also indicates how many unreads currently in your feed store.

You can customize the offline storage information, skins, colors, title font etc from the Feedstore options panel. Just go ahead and try out.

Download FeedStore – Offine RSS Reader

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  1. Fareed khan says:

    very helpful plugin..Thank you

  2. Finally!!! Can’t live without Google Reader. Hope you can download your starred reads.

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