Find Your Twitter Statistics with Twoolr


Twitter statistics to find out how much you’re addicted to twitter ? With the help of this nifty app, you can find out your twitter statistics such as tweet frequency, most used hash cloud, twitter clients which you’ve used, the links which you’ve shared, network of followers and retweet cloud and many more.

Twoolr is a simple twitter app that authorizes you’re twitter account and displays set of statistics associated with your twitter account such as usage wise, it has frequency chart, distribution, cloud, links shared, clients used etc. When you take network wise, you have Retweet cloud, the exact time when you’re Retweeted the most (which helps to analyse you’re business peak hours) and also the account growth such as who has started following you, who has unfollowed you etc.

Finally Once you’ve logged into Twoolr, you can find out all these statistics in addition, you can display as a public page with unqiue URL of all these statistics. It automatically retrieves the twitter data and updates the statistics.

It also shows in detail about the interaction which you’ve made with your followers and to whom in particular. Awesome twitter app I must say. If you’re bored or want to have a detailed analysis of your business twitter profiles and its growth, you must try this twitter app named ” Twoolr ”

Twoolr – Find out your twitter statistics

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