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Backlinks play an important role in determining the ranking of a website in Search engines. The more backlinks for a website, the higher will be its rank and the larger it will appear on the search engines results page. Now, how to check the number of backlinks for a website ? If you’re not aware of what backlinks are and how it would affect search engine results of your blog posts, then you must read before proceeding.

What are Backlinks and How it works ? is a bulk backlink checker that helps you to find out how many inbound links each website has got. You can list out all the domain URL’s one by one and finally hit the go button to find out the number of backlinks that each website has got.

Backlinks checker is one of the efficient way to check how many sites are linking to a website and there by the more the backlinks, the higher it will rank on the search engines’ results pages.

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