File Sharing Service for Twitter with File Social


Already we had discussed about sharing files on twitter where we talked about 9 ways to share files and documents on twitter, adding to it, here is one more service named ‘File Social’ that allows you to share files on twitter.

FileSocial is the easiest way to share files on Twitter. You can upload any kind of file, from pictures to videos, PDFs or Power point or Whatever you want! Now share your files on Twitter easily, securely and completely free.

All you need to do is, Just hit and authorize your twitter profile to use it. You don’t require to enter your username, password. You can just login using the oAuth method. Then, Simply attach your file, write something and a link will be posted to your twitter account in a few seconds.

You can attach what ever the files may be, whether Images, songs, videos, compressed files or anything. Upload and share whatever you like! It also supports mp3, jpg, avi, doc, ppt, zip and many more.

File Social – File Sharing service for twitter

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