Download Fail Whale, Fail Homer Theme for Chrome


We have already discussed about creating your own Google chrome theme with the help of Chrome theme creator, and also we have been talking about many beautiful chrome themes and theme galleries where you can download different types of chrome themes to add some more spice to your chrome browser. If you’re an android fan, then look out for this Android theme for Chrome. Today we have two more beautiful chrome themes to add in the list.

Fail Whale and Fail Homer themes for Google chrome, you will love this theme if you’re addicted to the Fail whale in twitter. Some time back, due to the over traffic on twitter, twitter servers cannot handle the traffic and showed the Fail Whale page. So keeping it as a basic concept for this theme, the developer has designed this Fail Whale theme for chrome.

You can download Fail Whale theme for Chrome, it fits all resolutions up to 1680×1050. Screen capture is the 1280×1024 and also it has similar theme named ‘Fail Homer theme’.

If you’re an simpson lover, then you would love this theme too. Making the Fail Whale theme as a concept, the Fail homer theme was designed by having Simpson. Similar to Fail Whale, it also fits all resolutions up to 1680×1050. Screen capture is the 1280×1024.

Download Fail Homer theme for Chrome

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  1. TatoSgr says:

    “…download Fail Whale theme for Chrome, it fits…” The ‘e’ of Chrome, doesn’t have the URL.
    Just saying…

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