Export Facebook Friends Phone Numbers, Email Address and Import to Gmail Contacts


You can easily export all your Facebook friends Names, Phone numbers, Websites, Email addresses to a CSV file or directly import them into your Gmail contacts. Merge Facebook friends email address into Gmail contacts. All this can be done using Facebook Friend Exporter extension for chrome.

Facebook Friend Exporter extension for Chrome allows you to export your Facebook friends email address, phone number, websites to a CSV file or you can directly merge them with your Gmail contacts. You don’t need to give your Gmail credentials, it uses oAuth method. This extension is an open source add-on, so you can download the source code and develop your own stuff from it.

What does Facebook Friend Exporter do ?

It will extract Name, Email, Phone numbers, Screen names and Websites. Once you’ve installed the extension, you will find an “Export” button that will appear on Facebook toolbar on the top. Once you click on it and it will open a screen to start processing. Depending on how many friends you have, this may take a very very long time to complete. Once you’ve done, an export link will appear (Gmail, CSV). If you choose Gmail it will use OAuth to login Gmail account and merge with your Gmail contacts.

Download Facebook Friend Exporter

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  1. Nice tool. Offers one the great option of messaging facebook friends without logging into facebook (@ least till Facebook email is fully deployed)

  2. Nice method for facebook, I’m gonna use it. Thanks.

  3. Cipa says:

    Your download link is broken…please renew it

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