Embed Facebook Page, Photo albums, Event, Video, Groups with Embed Facebook Plugin


How to embed a Facebook video on WordPress blog post ? or How to embed a Facebook photo albums in WordPress ? When you consider videos from YouTube, there is an embed option. But not on Facebook videos or Photo albums. Here is an Ultimate tip before we check out the WordPress plugin that allows us to embed Facebook photo albums, pages, events, videos and groups by just inserting the link.

The Ultimate tip which I was talking about is, Facebook has Unlimited Photo Sharing options where you can upload HD photos and there is no bandwidth problem or any kind of downtime. So just upload photos in Facebook, embed and share in on blogpost. Now coming back to the topic,

Embed Facebook WordPress plugin allows you to embed Facebook photos, videos and other things easily. Just paste the URL of a facebook album, photo, event, video, page, group, or note in a WordPress post/page, the plugin will embed it for you.

Note : The object such as Photos, videos, events page must be public. Also when you’re embedding Facebook photo albums, they should belong to a Facebook Page. Your personal albums are not embeddable.

Simply install the plugin, go to New post, copy paste the URL from Facebook, publish the post. It will automatically embed the given content.

Download Embed Facebook WordPress Plugin

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