Edit, Modify PDF documents in Linux with PDFMod


We had talked alot about PDF online tools for editing PDF files, Converting PDF files or Splitting, merging PDF files. When you use Online tools, then they don’t specialize or need any specific operating system to work with, but when you take Desktop tools, then there you need OS to work with. For Windows users, there are millions of Free PDF tools available on the web, but for Linux users, only few of them. One among that it, PDFMod.

PDFMod is an application that lets you modify and combine files PDF easily. You can rearrange, rotate, delete pages, export images, edit the title, author, keywords and merge documents with a simple drag and drop.

Download PDFMod

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  1. theologian says:

    But it DOESN’T work!
    It crashes when one tries to insert a document.
    It crashes when one tries to save a project.
    Another example of releasing an app that has obviously not been tested properly?
    It’s a bit too common in Linux.

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