Ebook Reader iPhone app with MegaReader [Heads Up Display]


We had seen Free ebook reader for Windows and also Tutorial on how to create your own Ebook for iPad devices, now here is a new Ebook reader for iPhone that has Heads Up Display (HUD) option. This eBook reader for iPhone gives access to over more than 2 million ebooks and you can create your own personal library from both the classics and free modern indie books for easy reading on the go.

MegaReader iPhone app is an eBook reader app for your iPhone and iPad devices. It is the world’s first eBook reader with a Heads Up Display (HUD) option! It is like reading a book printed on glass. See through a book, while you read through a book. (Available on devices with cameras running iOS 4.0 or greater.)

MegaReader comes with 26 great books already downloaded to get you started and allows you to read in portrait or landscape mode, and will tell you how long you have to finish a chapter based on the built-in speed reading test. Watch the video below to understand more about MegaReader

Download MegaReader iPhone app

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