Drag and Drop Files to Upload on Chrome with Drag2up


The drag and drop feature to upload images has been there on many image uploading sites such as Imgur, Group image sharing and more. Now with this excellent addon, you can upload any files in Chrome with simple drag and drop feature. The upload process is completely done in background and what ever may be the files such as image file, text file or zip file folder you can upload it to specific sites just by dragging and dropping into the chrome browser.

Drag2up extension for Chrome allows you to upload any type of file just by dragging them and dropping them into chrome browser text box. Note : You need to drag and drop the file in the text box of any page which you’ve opened up in your chrome browser.

Say for example, If you’ve opened up Google Homepage, then you may find a text box (search box is called text box, where you type text letters), So just drag the file and drop in the text box, it automatically uploads in the background and finally displays the link to the uploaded file.

Drag2up supports files that can be uploaded to imgur, imm.io, imageshack, flickr, picasa, github gist, pastebin.com, mysticpaste, chemical servers, dafk, hotfile, dropbox and cloudapp. It has built in support for shortening URLs. Just install the extension and go to options panel, there you can specifiy which sites you need to use for uploading specific type of files.

Suppose if you’re dropping image file, then you can mention in the options that, images files are to be uploaded to imgur, if you’re dropping text files then it should be uploaded to pastebin and same with drop box etc. Certain sites doesn’t support the stable chrome version 8. So to use this extension fully, you need chrome version 9 developers build.

There is nothing tough in using this extension, it makes your work much simpler. Just try out and you will completely love it. If you’re Firefox user, then same extension is available for Firefox users as addon. Download Firefox version of Drag2up

Download Drag2up Chrome extension

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