Desktop YouTube Music Player with Quisple


We had seen many YouTube related apps and tools that allows us to play YouTube video in desktop apps and also many online tools to download, trim YouTube video. But here is a YouTube music player for desktop named ‘ Quisple ‘. YouTube is the best solution for all your music searches. It has millions of music videos, tv shows etc. So you can easily find your music album on YouTube. But why do you need a separate desktop app when you can watch YouTube directly on browser ?

Watching YouTube directly on browser is not a best idea when you want to listen only to the music and not to watch video when you’re working on different task. You can simply turn on the music and listen to it, when you can easily work on some other task.

Quisple is a YouTube music player that allows you to listen to the YouTube music videos with single click. Once you’ve installed the music player, you can search for songs from the search box and hit enter to play the song. If you want you can also watch the video directly on the browser.

You can create/delete playlists, queue up songs to play continously. It remebers the songs you play in a playlist, so next time you want to play that song – you do it only with a single click! Music experience has never been easier.

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