Definite Ways to Drive Free Traffic to Your Website


Nothing is more important for a web site than the amount of traffic that it receives, and an increase in traffic can be brought about in many different ways. There are literally dozens of methods to increase the amount of page hits your web site garners, and while some take more work than others, all of these methods of increasing traffic are guaranteed to draw viewers towards your web blog.

The most obvious means of increasing site traffic is to simply create more content for your blog or web site. No new visitors are going to visit a blog which has not been updated in weeks, and the few visitors are likely not to return again. Making several updates a day, or at least per week is key in order to maintain and even improve traffic.

One of the biggest boons for bloggers is StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is a form of search engine which randomizes each search based on the interests of the user, and leads to very interesting web pages and blogs. Many bloggers have touted this as being a supreme method of increasing traffic.

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Facebook, and other social networking sites such as Myspace are excellent tools in increasing traffic. When making a profile, be discriminate in what is placed on your profile page for everyone to see. Adding friends is something that can take just a few minutes a day, and adding someone does not require knowing them in real life. Some people have no problem with adding those who they are not familiar with, while others will be more discriminate. The absolute worst that may happen is that a person who is not interested in your friend request will ignore it. Once a few hundred friends have been collected, go about posting your blog in bulletins and so forth.

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Search Engine Optimization is a tool that is often not utilized to its full extent. Computer programs called bots, or web spiders are used by search engines like Google and Yahoo to search the web for content. As these programs find unique content, it is indexed by the search engine in order to make for faster searches. Using keywords, and alterations to HTML, a website’s ranking on a search engine can be improved ten fold, increasing the odds of visitors. Use internal links in order to link back to your web site, and always include a site map within the web site’s design. This makes it easier for users and bots to move through the web site.

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Linking to other sites on the web is an astounding way to create traffic By developing relationships with other blog owners and web sites, you can ask them to place a link to your own web site on their page for their traffic to see. Using stat trackers is absolutely necessary in order to determine the amount of traffic the web page is receiving. A decent stat tracker will include more than just page views, and will also include the amount of unique IP views. Pay attention to which keywords bring the most traffic to your website and expand upon that.

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