Create Tag Cloud from Flickr Photo Tags with Tagerator


Flickr is a professional photo sharing service where you can upload your photos and share with your friends. It also has something called tags, photo sets. they are nothing but elements to group your photos to particular stuff. Suppose, if your photos are taken during summer holidays, then you can tag them with ‘summer holidays’ to easily identify them later.

Tagerator is a simple java app that allows you to understand how you are using tags on your Flickr photos. It will scan your entire photostream, and then show you how many times you have used each tag. Tagerator will also generate tag clouds from the data.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Tagerator, you need to authorize your Flickr account with Tagerator so that it could retrive all the tags used in the photo sets. Now the tags are retrived and shown in the table format with number of photos for each tags.

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All the tags are all saved on disk. You can generate a tag cloud from the saved tags, or display the entire saved tag file if you want to do something else with it.

On the next tab, you have Tag cloud option, where you can generate the tag cloud using the retrived data.

Download Tagerator

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