Bypass megavideo time limit with 72 Minutes add-on


Megavideo is one of the leading video portal where you can watch videos, movies, tv shows and one of the best place to watch online streaming video. But, it has a bad error which pisses off most of them who watch on megavideo. It is the time limit. When you have exceeded the 72 minutes of watching videos, then you need to wait for another 60+ minutes to continue watching/downloading it. So here is a chrome add-on that allows you to bypass the megavideo time limit.

72 Minutes add-on for Chrome allows you to bypass megavideo’s 72 minutes limit. All you need to do is, just enter the megavideo url and click on “Video bypass” and enjoy your video!

There are also other methods to hack megavideo time limit, we will update the page sooner with other hacks regarding the megavideo time limit. As of now, the working method, you can use this Google chrome extension.

Download 72 Minutes extension for Chrome

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  1. sara says:

    That extension hasn’t worked in some time.. just an FYI. Peeps make extensions for both FireFox and Chrome and they will work for a wee bit and then stop working….

  2. Have you tried work well for me :) This is the new page for Lyke Megavideo Hack! The old domain was taken/stolen of them :(

  3. Alex says:

    Hey guys, you can bypass Megavideo 70 minute limit on this website: thanks :)

  4. MGSimo says:

    Hi! I use this site , it’s super easy to use and it works well.

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