Bored ? Look out for Random Interesting Websites with Webmaizer


If you’re a tech savvy or interested to explore new web applications and interesting websites that can make you go crazy, then here is a useful web app that allows you to visit random interesting websites or web applications. Some of the interesting websites which we covered earlier are ‘ Visiting websites with vuvuzela football noise ‘ and also ‘ Watch oil spill on websites ‘.

Webmaizer is a website that connects you to many other interesting and also funny links through one portal. With a click of one button, that will take you to perhaps unseen websites, that will entertain you.

If you find it entertaining and cheerful, you can share it with your friends through the share button which is provided in the toolbar. If the website you are currently on made you laugh or was interesting, You can also rate it by clicking the Like button Up/down.

You can also categorize or filter websites such as Random – Generate a list of the websites in random order. If you select Top rated then, it will sort the websites by the amount of votes they have for being funny or interesting and finally the Newest, it will sort the websites in a list of the latest sites to the oldest.

WebMaizer – Look for some fun web apps.

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