Blogging Tips From Successful Entrepreneurs That Will Increase Your Traffic and Visibility


Bloggers often struggle with ways to increase their traffic and visibility quickly, and it can be a challenge. Using the entrepreneurial principle of CreAction, which emphasizes acting versus thinking, you can get your blog “out there” and increase your visitation and readership. The tips below are just a few ways you can act your way to greater visibility and increased traffic:

1) Work with other bloggers that have similar blogs to yours. Get in touch with bloggers who write about similar topics to yours, and work out arrangements where you can help build both of your readerships. It’s kind of a “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” type of arrangement. You can link back to each others blogs, do guest blog posts for each other’s blogs, and even occasionally market each other’s blogs through your individual social media networks. Even established bloggers will take the additional link back, so try to reach out to as many bloggers as you can to see what types of arrangements you can work out.

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2) Get “thought leaders” to guest blog. Guest blogging really helps build traffic and visibility, especially when the post comes from someone well known within the industry, sector or category that the blog surrounds. Reach out to thought leaders via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, E-mail; whatever way you can get to them. Many people will be flattered and enjoy the opportunity to post for a blog that is relevant to what they are doing. They will see it as another way to get their name out on the internet, and you will build your followers.

3) Market each post. Many bloggers don’t do everything they can to market their blog. Doing so involves marketing every blog post and making sure you get the most out of SEO. Make sure each blog makes it to your social media networks and enlist the help of friends, colleagues and other peers to help market the blog. Send an email blast. If it’s daily, you may not want to inundate your email list with all of your posts, but maybe choose one per week at most and email it out and ask them to share it with others if they like it. Make each post easy to share for this reason. When they read the blog, you want them to be able to quickly find the sharing tool on your blog, so make your social media sharing tools very obvious and in a place where it makes sense and is easy to find.

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  1. raj says:

    Really impressed by the line “Don’t Work hard, Work Smart !”
    I got a really usefull tip that you should Market each post…

  2. Brankica says:

    I loved the post. I am already “cooperating” with some bloggers but we haven’t really dug into it yet as much as we should.
    I do however like the 3rd point about the e-mail blast since I am building my list at the moment and I just got an idea how to work better on both building the list and marketing my blog. Thanks

  3. Swamykant says:

    I believe marketing is more important task. Ignore it leads to death of the blog. Nice post. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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