Best Kept Secrets For Better Blogging


Blogging is one of the most popular online activities ever. It is estimated that there are over 180 million unique blogs on the Internet today. Making your blog stand out from the rest of the ever-growing pack can be difficult, but is not rocket science. Blogging isn’t even a science; it’s about making an effort to convey a reliable, insightful, and entertaining product on a consistent basis with a visually appealing design. For better blogging, follow these best-kept secrets to attract more traffic to your blog.

Find your niche

Blogs usually fall into only a handful of categories: celebrity gossip, politics, music, sports, and general entertainment. To really differentiate yourself and develop a loyal, even rabid fanbase, find your niche. Within in those major categories, pick a very specific subject of which you are an expert and roll with it. For music blogs, pick a genre. Then how about a sub-genre? Or a particular music scene? Really, the more specific the better, as it will help distinguish you from others and help your blog cater to a very specific, and hopefully under served, audience.

Be an expert

Readers will keep coming back if you establish yourself as a trusted voice within a certain niche, an expert with unparalleled insight and commentary. Easier said than done, of course, but certainly not impossible. It all begins with your content: do your best to make it something that can’t be found elsewhere, or if it includes content that can be, add your own invaluable commentary and insight. Comment on relevant posts and articles from other blogs and sources on their sites to join the conversation. Use Twitter to instantaneously share thoughts on current topics and trends and build a following.

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Include relevant ads

The ultimate goal of many bloggers is to earn a living off their site. However, don’t just throw up random AdSense ads or pop-ups. It’ll be a turn off to readers, and won’t actually earn you very much revenue. Instead, tailor ads to your readers based on their relevancy to the topics discussed in your blogs. Readers will actually click on ads to things they’re interested in, and won’t turn their attention elsewhere if they feel they’re not being spammed. Approach businesses you think would benefit from advertising on your blog to begin getting better, more useful ads on your blog.

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Customize, customize, customize

It’s much easier to use templates and all the pre-designed bells and whistles of WordPress, Blogger, and the like, but realize that thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of bloggers will be using the same designs as you. Stand out by customizing the appearance of your blog, even if it means splurging a little bit on a graphic designer. Get a custom banner and logo, use it as your favicon, and incorporate those colors, fonts, and themes throughout your blog’s design. It will be more enticing for the viewer and make your blog look more professional.

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Guest post

Approach more established blogs or even the competition about guest blogging. Writing guest posts will help direct those blog’s readers to your site, and will further help establish your reputation as an expert in your field. In turn, accept the occasional guest post on your blog. Guest posters will promote their work to their devotees, which will help bring traffic to your blog and garner some return readers.

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