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Usually Ebooks come as PDF file formats and we read them using Adobe reader. Previously we had told you about the Free Ebook reader for Windows, now again stumbled across an excellent, visually stunning free ebook reader application for Windows operating system which is named ‘Koobits’. It can read ebooks in various formats such as PDF, EPUB and also organize, manage them in a virtual bookshelf.

Koobits is a simple free ebook reader application for Windows operating system. It is an Adobe Air based application, so obviously the visual effects will be stunning. The application will help you to manage and organize your ebook collection in a virtual bookshelf. Not only that, you can also read all your PDF files using this app. Just collect your PDF books and store in the local bookshelf of Koobits.

Once you’ve installed Koobits, you can see the welcome page or start up page. Then you have the bookstore where you can find lot of free ebooks, paid ebooks. The bookstore is arranged in a way that you can select the book from different categorizes which are listed on your left. You have categories such as action, drama, childrens education, history, business, politics, literature and many more.

Click on the ebook of your choice and a pop-up window will appear. Click the “Add to Shelf” button. You will be brought to the Library where the ebook is ready for download. Simply click on the ebook with the “Download” ribbon on it to begin downloading.

In the Library, click “Add book to Library” at the bottom left of the screen. You can select any PDF or EPUB ebook from your computer to add to the Library. You will then be brought to the Local Books section, where your ebook will appear on the shelf.

In the library, you can have your own categories. You can manage and organize your library completely. You can rearrange the books on your bookshelf just by drag and drop.

In the library, you have 3 options. Free books, Paid books and Local books. Free books are which you’ve selected and downloaded for reading. Paid books option will come soon from koobits. Local books are the ones which you’ve loaded from your computer, the basic PDF files and books based on PDF format from your local system.

These are the options that Koobits offers. Now, to read a Ebook, you can simply double click it and start reading. While reading, viewing there are many options such as printing the page, highlighting the line with color markers, Adding a stamp on the page for later reference, adding the page to bookmark, cropping an page/image etc.

Download Koobits – Free Ebook reader app

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  1. Eric Freese says:

    This app leaves a lot to be desired in how it handles EPUB files. Much of the formatting is simply wrong. I also didn’t appreciate that during the install it decided to make itself the default application for PDF and EPUB files.

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