Best 10 Facebook Profile Page designs


Recently Facebook revamped their profile page design so that it gets easier for friends to view your info as well as photos tagged etc. The photos which you’re tagged in appears right beside your profile picture in your profile view mode on Facebook. So people started using this small hack to design their Facebook profile page. here are few sample designs taken from Facebook profiles.

Also before viewing the designs, check out how you can beautify your facebook profile with customized skins, Create profile pictures using all your Facebook friends display picture.

If you’re wondering, how to design your Facebook profile like the above images ? Look out for the next tutorial on Facebook page design from us.

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  1. healthdurbar com says:

    this is a great artistic feature..facebook rocks

  2. Guna says:

    This is pretty cool. I will check it out and maybe consider updating my profile now that it doesn’t look so boring.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Olivia says:

    Such an artistic way to personalize your page. You can also now add layouts to your Facebook too using the PageRage app. Its pretty awesome.

  4. Caroline says:

    This sure looks like fun – not sure I have the techno knowledge to do it. Love my backgrounds I get from – love personalizing my page with backgrounds and cartoons!

  5. ankit says:


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