Automatically Empty Browsing History After Specified time in Chrome


When ever you browse, surf through your web browser, the browsing information such as website name and contents will be stored as cookie files and the list of websites which you’ve browsed will be stored in your browsing history. On the past, we had seen how to delete the browsing history on different web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer, Safari and Opera. Also we told you about the Firefox history deleter addon.

Now for Google Chrome, there is an addon named ‘History Limiter’ which limits the number of items Chrome will keep in history by days. History Limiter will limit the number of the items in your history based on a range of time you can set. The default is 100 days.

This will be helpful very much, You can set the number of days and it automatically empty’s the browsing history. Tip : You can set it to 7 days, so that weekly history’s are cleared from your Chrome browser.

Download History Limiter for Chrome

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