7 Tips To Optimize Your Contact Forms


Forms plays very important roles in websites world, as they are getting used in each and every site, it help your site visitor to reach you easily, and it help site owner to get messages from their visitors easily. So, we should make these forms easy to use so that people feel free to contact you. Here are some tips to optimize your web forms.

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User Friendly Forms

Your web forms must be user friendly, so that people found it easy to use. That actually means form with less options which are mostly hated by visitors like too many extra useless questions. Ask only relevant questions so they feel easy to contact you.

Mention Required Fields Clearly

If you’ve not clearly identified required fields your user may submit without filling it, and it will be annoying for them to see required field message after they have submitted, so make sure to identify required field right on your form.

Proper Error Messages

You should define proper error message for any field, means if user have filled some field wrong, give him/her proper message to fill it properly, so that one can understand it easily. By default messages are like this “You must fill out all of the required fields below’, you should change them with a proper reason.

Replace Usual Submit button

Forms usually come with normal button named as Submit, replace it with more user friendly words like “Send your Message” or etc. It will eave more better effect on your visitors as you are taking care of things more carefully.

Use Vertical Forms

As per research on eyes, news comes up that eyes mostly like things going down. So using vertical forms will attract your visitors. As it also reduces the number of movement of eyes, so better give it a try.

Show Case of Forms

Don’t use formal forms design, if you are a good designer make sure to design your form as well and give it a good look which will make visitor to think that you guys are pretty professionals in doing things. Also it will increase the design quality of your site which matter much.

Visitor Side – Java Script

Use java script on user side to instantly display any error or any other message, it will save your user time. On the other hand if you don’t have this, they have to submit form to know weather they are making any mistake or not, which is really annoying. So, this thing is really important as well.

I hope these points help you to make good form, let us know your opinions as well.

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