5 Reasons Why Facebook Rocked in 2010 !


As you all know, Facebook has become a mainstream media. Your mum, dad, uncle and may be even your grand mother is on Facebook. There is no wonder, if you create Facebook accounts with vanity username to a new born child. Most of your celebrities are on Facebook, it provides a great platform to connect with people. If you check out the survey, Facebook has seen a enormous growth in 2010. From my heart, I just wanted to write few reasons why I think Facebook rocks when compared to several other popular social networking sites around the web.

Facebook has people to network or connect from through out the world. Suppose for example, if you take Orkut (Why am comparing Orkut here is, I was a fan once before) it was mainly targetted or people were mainly from brazil and India. But when you’re in Facebook, you can connect with new people around the world. People are open minded, Should say. Facebookians they don’t mind to connect with new people and find out new things.

Easy user interface, whether its viewing other profiles, sharing links from friends profile or updating your status message with photos or videos. Facebook makes it easier than any other social networking site. Also Facebook photo album upload is Unlimited and it can hold HD photos. Tip : You can use it as a unlimited HD photo sharing website with a dummy account. Very very very rare downtime and your photos with High resolution.

Facebook New Profile Layout and Friends Suggestion tool

More fun with games and apps. One of the best entertaining social networking sites apart from connecting with friends. Also their apps provide us to connect with other social networking or other third party web apps inside Facebook which makes our work easier.

3 Facebook apps for Photo editing

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Facebook apps for College Students

Lot of companies and many popular brands use Facebook fan page to communicate with their customers, As looking from a customer end, Facebook fan pages has provided more discounts, time to time updates about their favorite brand. Even customer complaints and compliments are taken directly by the CEO of the brands and products.

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Mobile Facebook has become the most useful one. Unlike other networking sites, Facebook has given mobile facebook much priority. Even on low end mobile phones, the mobile facebook application comes pre-installed which will boost user’s facebook addiction even more. If you have very basic handset, you can browser Facebook on mobile without any data charges with 0.facebook.com.

Usage of Social media sites thorough Mobile Phones [Infographic]

Facebook Games Statistics [Infographic]

What do you think the most useful feature on Facebook, what impressed you more ? Why do you think Facebook rocks ? Do leave your views on comments section.

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  1. Facebook has now become the most powerful social networking site as now it has highest and the hugest networking with good number of entertainment options and the find friends apps, with good layout, and was charted the number one social networking site this year, the traffic was more when compared with the goggle this year may beat Google this year, but may get down if wont continue the same spirit.

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